Where Does Your Business Fit?

Where do you fit in the marketplace? A big part of marketing is understanding the positioning of your brand and your products within the marketplace. Where do you fit? A lot of times entrepreneurs and small business people charge into business with a great idea, but they don't take the time to answer this question. [...]

Put Your Business on Your List

What's your next week look like? How much of your time will be spent on your clients work and how much time will be spent on building your own business? This is an ongoing question and challenge for many small business people and entrepreneurs. But how do you really handle it, so your business doesn’t [...]

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Rinse and Repeat.

In just about every post I have written I have stressed the need for repetition. And yet it is the one thing that most business owners drop the ball on. We often grow tired of a strategy, message, or approach long before it becomes effective. Here are some examples of areas that need consistency in [...]

4 Valuable DIY Marketing Tools

Marketing has changed a lot since I started 25 years ago. And one of the things that has transformed it has been the creation of online tools that can be used for the person that wants to go the Do It Yourself route. This didn’t used to be possible. You had to hire a professional [...]

You Write the Check

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or you have ever hired a person or company to do a job or provide you with a service you need to hear this. You write the check! Did you get that? You - write - the – check! When you are a paying customer you [...]

“The Entrepreneur Always…”

“ The Entrepreneur Always Searches for Change, Responds to it, and Exploits it as and Opportunity ” - Peter Drucker Artwork By: Jason Wahler, Author of the Joshua Robert: Jr. Mad Scientist Series, available on Amazon

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