Transforming Offers that Don’t Work

We have all faced the challenge of creating offers that just don’t work, and we are left wondering, now what. Many times, we stick with what we have already created because we feel locked into the direction we have set. And yes, that is sometimes the answer but just as often it is not. If [...]

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Get it Done

We all struggle with trying to make things perfect before you show them to other people. Decorating our house just so to make the right impression. Cooking the perfect meal. Selecting the perfect outfit. But we often forget that the most important part of any project or new endeavor is to finish. After all, you [...]

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Balancing Your Business and the Holidays

It's that time of year again. We're headed into the holidays which brings great opportunities for sharing with family and friends and many demands on your time. We all want to do everything during holidays and feel an intense pressure to do it all perfectly. And that includes our business. But how do we juggle [...]

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