Marketing has changed a lot since I started 25 years ago. And one of the things that has transformed it has been the creation of online tools that can be used for the person that wants to go the Do It Yourself route. This didn’t used to be possible. You had to hire a professional to do things for you but now that isn’t your only option.

Before we talk about 4 valuable tools I have used for DIY marketing let’s revisit what we have said a lot. Just because something doesn’t cost you a lot of money it isn’t always cheap or free to use. You have to take into account the time it takes you to learn the tool, the time it takes you to complete the work, and the time it takes you to get the work out of the tool and to where you need it. All of this time can really add up and make a free or inexpensive tool very costly.

However, for new business that just don’t have the funds to hire a professional to do these things these tools can be a game changer. But with anything, you must first do your research. Understand if the terms and conditions will meet your needs. Make sure that you can get support if you need it. And use these tools only when you don’t have the funds to hire a professional.

  • Relay That This is a marketing designing tool for non-designers. You can create the same ad for different platforms using their templates. This offers an affordable alternative for the entrepreneur who needs to or wants to do it themselves. Other choices include Easil and Poster My Wall.
  • TinyURL How many times have you wanted to include a web address but the link was way too long? This has long been a problem for marketers. And although the first patent was filed for such a service in 2000 it seems to be becoming more widely used now. Other options include Bitlinks,, and to name a few. This isn’t a DIY tool as much as a tool that makes things easier.
  • PowToon Video animation on your website or in your social media is a powerful tool. If you can afford to have someone create it for you, you should. But if you can’t afford it there are sites where you can do it yourself. Free Sites Like has a list of the 8 sites like PowToon which has been around since 2012.
  • MailChimp So I know you have heard of this one but I have to mention email marketing services. These have completely changed how and if a small business can use email marketing as a tool. In my previous post, Selecting the Right Email Marketing Tool on the subject I talked about tips for choosing the right one for you. A few alternatives are AWeber, SendinBlue, and Constant Contact. This tool is a little different because many marketing professionals use it as well as novices. However, it may still be easier to have your marketing professional do it for you.

By: Amy Matthews, CEO, AMI LC