As an entrepreneur, you are used to doing everything yourself. You just dive in and start checking things off the list, right? But that isn’t always your best strategy. You can often cost yourself a lot more, of your time, then you would have spent, of your money, by going the DIY route to marketing. And for that matter going the DIY route on your follow up system, your website, or many other things that the right partner can do for you more efficiently

Here are the 5 reasons why hiring a professional will cost you less in the long run.

1.   There is no magic cookie cutter plan for marketing, follow-up, or websites. And truth be told there really aren’t many magic cookie cutter plans for most of the things you need to be done. Lots of online resources will give you step by step processes to follow and tools to use however they are not based on your business, your products, and most importantly your customers.

2.   Time is money. Of course, you have heard this but if you tracked the time you spend on DIY solutions instead of spending it on what you do best you will see you aren’t really saving yourself money. You should focus on what you do best and leave the other stuff to partners you can trust.

3.   You learn from experience, right? You should benefit from the knowledge that an experienced partner has instead of using your resources for on the job training.

4.   Business owners can’t always be objective. You know your business better than anyone else. You are absorbed in it. These sound like great reasons to do it yourself but it is missing a key component to success. An unbiased approach. You need someone that can objectively look at your business, know where you need to tweak things and help you get things done.

5.   You hire experts to do lots of things for you like accountants and lawyers. Just like your customers rely on you for what you provide. Don’t shy away from hiring experts in other areas too. It is a true leader that recognizes the need to find a qualified partner that understands you, your business, your customer and how to apply those to their area of expertise.

Not sure where to start on finding the partners. Check out my About us page to see a few of the partners I trust.

By: Amy Matthews, CEO, AMI LC