Recently I attended the eWomen network conference in Dallas, Texas. It was an amazing experience. Not only was I there with like-minded women entrepreneurs but also I learned some things that I am now going to implement into my business. Attending events both for your business as well as personally are key to expanding your business!

  • When was the last time you invested into your business?
  • When were the last time you invested in yourself? You know that self-care we always forget about.

People say they do every year but do they really? Are you attending conferences that will build your business and YOU? Are you attending events where you know the speaker is talking about something YOU need to hear? But most importantly are you implementing the strategies you are learning after the conference or event?

Here are a few tips on what to do at the conference to enhance not only you but also your business:

  • Make a few goals before attending any event that will help you once you are there not to go off track.
  • Get a battle buddy: someone you can take with you to bounce ideas off and if there is more than one workshop or event at the same time you two can tag team and get all the information and just trade notes.
  • Know whom you want to meet before you go: You know who your target market is right? It is your job to find those people and people who can connect you to those people.
  • Take lots and lots of notes: I actually have a whole binder full of notes from each conference that way I can go back and look at them from time to time. The notes you take at the conference are going to mean something different each time you read them.
  • Forget everything that is going in your life while you are there: Take the time and energy on totally focusing on the conference and the people you will meet and try not to focus on the things going on back home. You hired someone to take over while you were gone, let them do their job.

Once you leave the conference your head will be filled with so much information you will be on information overload. Plan the week after you get back lightly, so you can add follow up and strategy to your week. It is very important you put follow up into your calendar the week after the event. You will be amazed how many people NEVER follow up after an event like this.

Grab yourself another journal to jot down ideas you got from conference or after while you were processing the information you received. People get some fabulous ideas after attending a conference like this and it is here that they forget to write them down as they come through your mind. You may not want to implement it now but in the future it may be something you want to add to your agenda.

Sometimes at these conferences you get some kind of transformation in your self or your business. Sometimes if you are lucky you get both! This year, I got both. I finally was able to let go of something I was holding onto for way to long and it was actually holding me back from going forward in my business. I let it go in fact in front of 2,000 women who were there and I received so much inspiration from so many of them. Coming up to me saying how I inspire them, and how brave I was for standing up there and saying what I said. They said there wasn’t a dry eye in the house and that that is where the transformation comes from. From the strong women who support you as you struggle through life but also through the ones that have made it through to the other side and have so much to show from it.

My business is already transforming and I already see new vision, new ideas and new projects flowing through now that my mind is clear. I know that it didn’t happen to me it happened for me!

So, I ask you once more…when was the last time you invested in your business? You might be amazed on just what you are investing in.

By: Tina Torres, CEO, The Gratitude Specialist