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Stop Throwing Stuff At The Wall

Marketing shouldn’t be a puzzle you piece together upside down. It should be a well-thought-out plan that guides you towards your end goal while always preserving your customer as your central focus. A clear marketing plan is the roadmap to reaching those customers and your success. As Marketing Strategists, we help you gain the clarity that comes from having that plan. Let us show you how to stop throwing stuff at the wall!

7 Tips for an Amazing Marketing Plan!

Marketing is that thing that everyone knows just enough about to undermine themselves in business. Now hear me out before you stop listening. Entrepreneurs often go the DIY route with marketing especially now that there are so many free or cheap tools to do marketing yourself. But before you do consider following this basic outline to achieving the results you seek.

AMI Solutions

eWomenNetwork Managing Director

I feel very strongly that women can and are changing the world. This change will only come from us working together and supporting each other as we forge our paths. This is why I joined eWomenNetwork and why I became the Managing Director of the Atlanta chapter. We are so fortunate to be entrepreneurs in Atlanta. Atlanta is a city that is full of amazing women who have so much to contribute. As Managing Director, I work to create an environment where women can connect with other women entrepreneurs and build lasting relationships that will grow their business. Together, we will change the world.

“Amy has been a part of our marketing team from the beginning. While I thought her role would be helping me with the creative side of advertising, the value she has added in structuring the branding and the messaging to provide a consistent brand message across all platforms has been phenomenal. She supported and worked to build About a Book into what it is today. Her expertise, contacts and dedication continue to help shape the future of the brand. She is a true asset to our organization.”

Katherine Brock, About A Book

“Amy has helped us not only with our own marketing efforts but with those of our clients as well. She gets what we are trying to accomplish and is adept at finding the solutions that will work for our brand.”

Joseph Adams, Cosmital Inc.

“Amy has done an outstanding job helping me market and brand my company. She has helped me focus my efforts and craft my messages. She is an excellent partner to have when starting a new business!”

Kathryn Woods, Confident Communications

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