Several years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was struggling to figure out why for someone who had so many of the things I had always dreamed of was I dwelling on the negative things I saw around me. At that point, I decided I had two choices. I could continue down that path or I could choose the road less traveled and choose to be a positive person.

I say that choosing to be a positive person is the road less traveled (A little nod to Robert Frost) because so many people in today’s world aren’t positive. How many of us know people who complain all the time? How many of us know people who always criticize others? How many of us know people who always expect the worst? How many of us are or have been those people?

So, at this crossroads, I made my choice. I chose to try to limit complaining and replace it with constructive discussions. I chose to stop criticizing others and focus on what I can change, myself. I chose to believe that the best could come out of things. I chose to be a positive person.

That choice began a journey for me that will continue for the rest of my life. A journey that has opened so many doors for me. Each day I make that choice again. Because yes, it is a choice that must be made daily. Here are three key things that will help you make that choice each day for yourself

  • Greet the day seeing its potential not its pitfalls. If you start your day prepared for greatness to happen you will be ready for it. Each day approach what lies ahead as an opportunity not a challenge. Each day be ready to dream big so that you are prepared to make it happen.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. It is very hard to be a positive person when you are surrounded by negative people. You must surround yourself with positive people who bring a positive energy into your life. In the book Past Imperfect by Julian Fellowes the narrator says, “Years later, a friend would describe her world as being peopled entirely by radiator and drains.” I think this is a great way to view people. Are the people surrounding you “radiating” positive things into your life? Do they provide you with energy and joy? Or are the “draining” you of your energy and joy? It is imperative that you have more “radiators” then “drains”.
  • Shut down the brain chatter. In 5 Tips for Battling the Brain Chatter, we talked about how that little voice in our own heads can derail us. How that inner voice can set out to sabotage our success. It is imperative to becoming a positive person that you learn to shut down your own brain chatter.

Once I made the choice to be a more positive person and began that journey I saw amazing things happen in my life and business. In my personal life, I and my family were happier. I had become a “radiator” for them and brought a positive vibe into the house. And one of the best parts of being a “radiator” is that you “radiate” that energy back onto yourself.

In business, the change was monumental. I learned that being positive allowed me to do and consider things I would never have been able to before. Now I see opportunities not just risks. Now I see what things can be not what might go wrong. But the biggest change is that I have surrounded myself with successful people who also dream big and believe. I have truly been able to embrace what being an entrepreneur is about.

Being a positive person has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone with confidence. To trust that I will find a way even if the path isn’t clear when I start. It has also allowed me to take Benjamin Franklin’s quote to heart and jump as quickly at opportunities as I do at conclusions. It has taught me to stop when I do jump to conclusions and reassess things to see if there is an opportunity. This has led to me doing things I would never have allowed myself to do before. It has helped me to step into rooms full of successful entrepreneurs and know that I below there. It has allowed me to reach higher and dream bigger. And it has helped me to help my clients do that as well. Because having a positive attitude has also changed how I talk to people. I speak with more confidence because I believe what I am saying and what I have to offer. And when you believe what you are saying so do others.

So you see, being positive can have a huge impact on not only how you see the world but on how the world sees you. By being a “radiator” you will attract people and potential to you.

By: Amy Matthews, CEO, AMI LC