Six years ago, today we arrived home from Korea with our daughter. This amazing little person was finally home! Many times, I wished that she had gotten to come home earlier but now I think she came at the perfect time.

She is my perfect reminder to focus on what is important this time of year. To not take on too much. And to be present in the moment. She is why Sam and I work so hard to build the life we have dreamed of and the life we dream of for her. And she is the reason that I work hard to find those moments that will create memories.

Mia is an amazing strong-willed girl, wonder where she gets that from? And she is becoming a budding entrepreneur. She asks us all the time about our businesses. She has ideas to share and isn’t afraid to speak up.

So, this Friday I choose to focus on;

  • Building a legacy for my daughter.
  • Building memories that will last a lifetime, not endless activity.
  • Setting an example that you CAN do anything if you are willing to work hard.
  • Believing in myself.
  • All that is wonderful in my life.

What are you focused on this Friday?

By: Amy Matthews, CEO, AMI LC