It’s that time of year again, summer. It’s a time full of fun, great activities, longer days and great weather. It’s also a time when you’re trying to juggle your schedule, your kid’s schedule and run your business. This week step back and focus on how to do all those things to have a great summer and have success in your business at the same time.

Have a Plan

I know we say this all the time but having a plan is important and your plan needs to include not only the people that work with you but your family as well. Ask your kids what are the most important things for you to be at this summer. Use this information to plan work around these must-haves for your kids. This makes sure you don’t miss stuff and lower the disappointment for everyone. Don’t think that you’re going to manage to be as productive during the summer as you are during the regular school year. It’s just not feasible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot done and still have fun.

Involve Others

Summers are an excellent time to involve everyone. Defining who’s going to be responsible for what can go a long way in creating a happy summer. Assign age-appropriate tasks to your kids. Divide up the kid’s schedules with your spouse. You don’t have to do it all. This will make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them. By taking the time to make sure everyone knows the plan and their role you’ll lighten your load and set yourself up for success.

Don’t Forget the Fun.

It’s summer time so don’t let business and goals get in the way of having some fun too. Entrepreneurs and small business people sometimes lose sight of trying to keep happiness as a goal. Time to recharge your batteries will make you more productive.

So this summer, have a plan, involve others, and don’t forget to have fun so that when school starts back again you’ll be ready to set the world on fire. And guess what, so will your kids. Because they’ll have seen how you can have fun and still get things done.

By: Joe Adams, President, Cosmital Inc