Friday’s Word – COURAGE!

Let’s continue with our Friday’s Focus Word and discuss another big one for me. Courage. This one is often used by entrepreneurs in the context of the photo that is with this post. Courage over confidence. That really speaks to the fact that as entrepreneurs we often have to just go with something and figure [...]

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Bouncing Back

I love the power of networking and what it can do for my business. I'm at networking events more often and yes if it is the right event I say yes to weekend events. And this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Spirit of Women conference here in Atlanta. And on the [...]

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Words I Live By

Every day I write a message on the shower door to myself. It is simply a list of words to keep me centered and focused. The list has grown over time. These started at a time when I needed a positive compass in my life. And a way to remember that it existed inside of [...]

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