7 Tips for an Amazing Marketing Plan!

Marketing is that thing that everyone knows just enough about to undermine themselves in business. Now hear me out before you stop reading. Entrepreneurs often go the DIY route with marketing especially now that there are so many free or cheap tools to do marketing yourself. You can create your own ads, segment your own [...]

Getting Over Video Phobia!

Marketing can be all about trends. And for many of us, trends came be intimidating. They can make us uneasy or downright terrified. Understanding when trends are fads and when they represent a real change in the way things are done takes a good partner, a crystal ball or sometimes both. But the one thing [...]

Have you ever marketed…?

Throughout my career, I have been asked the question “Have you ever marketed (insert certain product or industry here)?” Sometimes my answer is yes and sometimes it is no. However, I always tell the following story. My first week as a college intern at the Tennessee aquarium I went to the weekly marketing department [...]

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The BIG Secret for Marketers!

Defining what you do can be very difficult for most of us. We find it incredibly hard to put into words what we offer. This is especially true of service providers. As services providers, we are so often selling ourselves. This may come as a shock to people. Some of the people that struggle [...]

“Don’t Waste A Single Second…”

“ Don't waste a single second. Just move forward as fast as you can and go for it. ”      -  Rebbeca Woodcock, Co-Founder and CEO, CakeHealth Inc. Artwork By: Jen G Anders, Graphic Designer

“The Entrepreneur Always…”

“ The Entrepreneur Always Searches for Change, Responds to it, and Exploits it as and Opportunity ” - Peter Drucker Artwork By: Jason Wahler, Author of the Joshua Robert: Jr. Mad Scientist Series, available on Amazon

“Coca-Cola Sold 25 Bottles…”

“ Coca-Cola sold 25 bottles in their first year -- so whatever you're going through, it'll be okay. ” - Unknown Artwork By: Jason Wahler, Author of the Joshua Robert: Jr. Mad Scientist Series, available on Amazon

Top 5 Questions When Hiring Marketing Partner

In my post, Don’t Waste Money on a Marketing Partner Again! I discussed some of the things entrepreneurs and small business owners can do to protect themselves from spending money with “marketing experts” that don’t always deliver. Today I thought we would break it down even further with the top 5 questions you should ask [...]

Are You Investing in Your Business?

Recently I attended the eWomen network conference in Dallas, Texas. It was an amazing experience. Not only was I there with like-minded women entrepreneurs but also I learned some things that I am now going to implement into my business. Attending events both for your business as well as personally are key to expanding [...]

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