Why Documentary in Your 2018 Marketing Strategy?

  SARAH SPICER Owner + Producer, Spicer Productions http://www.SpicerProductions.com Spicer Productions specializes in documentary style videos for marketing campaigns. We produce emotionally evoking content ranging from brand videos to documentaries, webinars, social media videos and commercials. Our end goal for our clients is to create video that drives traffic, grows your [...]

Rinse and Repeat.

In just about every post I have written I have stressed the need for repetition. And yet it is the one thing that most business owners drop the ball on. We often grow tired of a strategy, message, or approach long before it becomes effective. Here are some examples of areas that need consistency in [...]

Putting your Message Map to Use

In my post Do you Have a Message Map? we discussed the importance for businesses to have a clear messaging strategy that has been mapped out. Now we are going talk about what happens after you have a Message Map. How do you use it and how can it transform the way you talk to [...]

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Don’t Hold Back Your Social Media

In our post To Tweet, or Not to Tweet? That is the Question, we discussed how to determine the right social media platforms for your business. Following those steps, you now know how your customer and potential customers are using social media. You know how and if your company and product fit into the different [...]

To Tweet, or Not to Tweet? That is the Question.

Social media has changed the face of marketing. It is has changed the world. Some would say it has been good. Some would say bad. Whichever camp you find yourself in it is true that as an entrepreneur or small business owner you must acknowledge that it has an impact on reaching your clients. [...]


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