This week at AMI we are focused on planning 2018 and all the amazing things we are going to offer and accomplish. But while that was going on I thought I would provide you with my top Mindsets that I am keeping in focus while I plan to make 2018 my best year yet.

  • 1. Prosperity – There is more than enough success out there for everyone so be open to receiving the abundance that is out there for you.
  • 2. Ask For Help – Recognize that part of being a good leader is delegating. You do not have to do everything yourself.
  • 3. Patience – If you are trying no things, remember that you are just getting started and need to have patience and trust the process.
  • 4. Believe in Yourself – You must have absolute faith in yourself and put all your energy into manifesting your dreams.
  • 5. Peace – Remember that things will work out beautifully. You should let go of your worries and make sure you engage in self-care activities that bring you peace and help you stay focused.
  • 6. Jump at Opportunities – This year will be full of opportunities to transform your business and your life. When the doors open to you, walk through them and leave the self-doubt behind.
  • 7. Passion – Make sure that what you are doing feeds your passion and fulfills your heart’s desire.
  • 8. Be Bold – This is the time to be bold and take risks. This is not the time to play it safe.
  • 9. Don’t Back Down – You should be assertive and don’t back down. This isn’t about what others think it is about building your dream and doing what you think is right.
  • 10. Focused Intention – Stay positive! You know what your target is so dismiss the brain chatter that can derail you and stay focused on where you are headed.

By: Amy Matthews, CEO, AMI LC