We have all faced the challenge of creating offers that just don’t work, and we are left wondering, now what. Many times, we stick with what we have already created because we feel locked into the direction we have set. And yes, that is sometimes the answer but just as often it is not. If you aren’t sure if the product is the right fit for you then you should absolutely step back and rethink things.

Here are some key areas to pay attention to as you reevaluate your product. You may do all of them or only some and you may do more. The important thing is to take time to ensure you are comfortable with what you are putting out there. But one thing to note is don’t let this process get in the way of you being able to Get it Done, like we talked about in the post by the same name.

  • Brainstorming – It really helps to have someone to brainstorm with. Sometimes when we are too close to something we cannot see the forest for the trees and need that clear vision that another person can provide. This person can be your accountability partner, a partner you hire, a spouse, or a friend. It just needs to be someone that will be honest with you and has skill sets that fit what you are trying to achieve.
  • Disassemble & Reassemble – Sometimes you have to take things apart and then build them again to see what you missed or what you could do differently. This may seem like a lot of work because it took a while to build it in the first place. But this may help you see little things about your program that you could change that will improve it a great deal.
  • Target Audience – If you aren’t getting the reception you had hoped for the program you may want to rethink your target audience. Do you have the right audience identified? If that answer is no than work to redefine the audience for your product or tweak the product to better fit your audience. If the answer is yes, make sure you are really reaching your audience with your offer.
  • Promotions – How are you marketing the product? Where are you placing your promotions? Sometimes everything might be right with your product but what you are saying about it and where you are saying it may be affecting your success. Step back and look at these elements to know if you are missing something.
  • Affiliates – Can you get help to sell your product? Many people will promote your product to their audience if you offer their audience a discount and them a cut of the sale. This cut varies depending on what you are selling, what they are doing to promote the product, and what kind of audience they have. A lot of companies start at 10%.

Once you have walked through this reevaluation process you are ready to make any necessary tweaks and roll your product out or in some cases roll it out again. The most important thing is that you have taken the time to build your own confidence in what you are offering and how you will best market it.

By: Amy Matthews, CEO, AMI LC