For the past few months, I have had an accountability partner. I wasn’t really looking for one but knew that I needed one. How many of you have an accountability partner and what are your rules to live by? We have a few “rules” but we really are just there for another when we need each other’s help, advice or simply most recently a good cry. My accountability partner was actually just an acquaintance at first but now I consider being one of my best friends. She has become my friend, mentor and someone who I would go to for practically anything. She is my motivator and my cheerleader who helps me get to my goals faster and easier than I would all alone.

To find a good accountability partner, you must have a few things that you need:

  • Be sure to get someone who will keep accountable and not slack off. You need that PUSH, that you got this, and get this done or else attitude
  • Talk about your goals and be specific
  • Be specific with them as to the actions they need to take when you start to slack off or even rewards when you get things accomplished
  • Find someone who not only knows you but knows your business or how your business works
  • You will want to set up a scheduled time each week to talk and DO NOT deviate from that schedule, (it keeps you both accountable to talk on those days and in your mind you know you MUST get the stuff done you were supposed to get done, DONE!)
  • Find someone who is likeminded as you are, someone who has been through what you are going through now, or has a great insight on the things you want to accomplish
  • Of course, you want that KLT factor (know, like trust) to be included if you can’t trust the person you will telling most of your secrets, your pain, and your insecurities to then you will NOT be truthful to them.
  • You as well must keep that confidentiality as well.

When you find the perfect person to act as your accountability partner, you will learn different strategies and be able to implement them into your business as well. Everyone has accountability partners; you should even have a health, and spiritual accountability partner as well. Being accountable to someone means that you are willing to make commitments and be responsible for your own actions. I chose to have an accountability partner because for me; accountability builds trust, improves performance, promotes ownership and inspires confidence. Think of what an accountability partner will do for you.

By: Tina Torres, CEO, The Gratitude Specialist