Every day I write a message on the shower door to myself. It is simply a list of words to keep me centered and focused. The list has grown over time. These started at a time when I needed a positive compass in my life. And a way to remember that it existed inside of me and my family. And that nothing else beyond that really mattered. Here is the beginning list that I started over two years ago.

  • Hope
  • Dream
  • Wishes
  • Believe
  • Love
  • Us

Later I added the following words. For those of you that may not know I love Disney so these were a natural fit. After all who doesn’t need these in their life.

  • Magic
  • Pixie Dust

More recently as I have had more clarity on my business and the direction I am headed I added the following words.

  • Jump
  • Do
  • Courage

The last three came from the following quotes.

  • “To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.” Benjamin Franklin
  • “Do or do not, there is no try.” Yoda
  • “Confidence is a consequence of courage.” – Sandra Yancy, CEO eWomenNetwork.com

These are quotes that I stop and tell myself many times throughout my day and week. I use them to keep me from turning down opportunities just because they are unfamiliar and uncomfortable. I use them to push myself to say that I will or will not do something no in between. And I use them to remind myself that I just have to have the courage and the confidence and know how will follow.

So, my wish for you going into the weekend is that you find your own words to live by and they provide you with your compass.

By: Amy Matthews, CEO, AMI LC