Make It About Doing the Right Things!

Marketing shouldn’t be about doing too many things without really knowing what direction you are going. It should be a well-thought-out plan that is designed to achieve your goals while always preserving your customer as the central focus. As your business grows your marketing can become more and more disconnected at a time when it is imperative that it be focused. A simplified strategy with easily executable ideas and a person whose sole job it is to make it happen is key to your success.

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Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

What is the difference between a marketing consultant and a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

Integration! And at AMI, Amy Matthews Integrated, we are all about integration. Businesses that engage with us for our Fractional CMO services are looking for a partner to evaluate the current business, help set strategy, and lead marketing activities to achieve growth. This is a more fluid relationship that adapts and evolves with your business whereas a consultant relationship is based more on a specific project. Fractional CMO relationships tend to last between three to five years and usually work on an annual retainer basis.

At AMI, we were founded on the premise that everything you do in business should begin and end with your customer.  Which is why we are uniquely suited to integrate into your team, take on your goals as our own, and drive for your growth.

How to tell if a fractional CMO is right for your business?

  • Delegation – Hiring AMI as a fractional CMO gives you someone to build strategy, design campaigns, and lead your team to success.
  • Expertise without Overhead – Hiring AMI as a fractional CMO gives you the clarity and confidence you need without the financial burden.
  • Execution not just Ideas – Hiring AMI as a fractional CMO can free up financial resources to invest in the right tacticians when you need them.

Think a fractional CMO might be your answer? Let’s find out!

We work with leaders who are poised for growth and ready to achieve the results, they seek! We would love to connect with you for a short call to learn more about your business and see how AMI can help!