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Are You Investing in Your Business?

Recently I attended the eWomen network conference in Dallas, Texas. It was an amazing experience. Not only was I there with like-minded women entrepreneurs but also I learned some things that I am now going to implement into my business. Attending events both for your business as well as personally are key to expanding [...]

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Who Helps Hold You Accountable?

For the past few months, I have had an accountability partner. I wasn’t really looking for one but knew that I needed one. How many of you have an accountability partner and what are your rules to live by? We have a few “rules” but we really are just there for another when we [...]

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How Building Relationships Will Build your KLT Factor

Did you know that building a relationship is the most important part of the sales process? Building a relationship with clients and potential clients by creating the Know Like Trust (KLT) factor can be one of the most important things you can do for your business. This KLT factor can help you create a [...]

Being a Mom of All Boys!

July 31st is our first day of school and I was so surprised that it was starting so early. I mean where did the summer go? When I was little we started the day after Labor Day. We had a good 3 months of summer fun and no other holidays except Christmas break. Now [...]

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7 Steps Follow Up System

Did you enjoy last week’s post on the Fortune is in the Follow Through? It took me a long time to realize that myself. Don’t worry if you haven’t achieved that yet. You will after this post. We are going to go over a simple yet effective 7-step strategy system that will help you [...]

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Fortune is in the Follow Through!

Have you ever heard the line the fortune is in the follow up? It has been used by many throughout business and especially sales by many different experts. Well, I like to say it is in the follow through. So many times, I attend events and never get a follow up email, call, or [...]

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Get Your MIND Right By Creating Your Own Healthy Thoughts Program

Did you know that when you get your mind wrapped around the idea of your GOALS that it will start believing them? Yes, that’s right, your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between fact or fiction. The mind is a funny thing. It believes everything you tell it. So instead of filling it with negative beliefs [...]

Finding the Right Networking Group for You

So, in my post Networking On Purpose, we covered how to network properly and why you need to get out there and network. Hopefully, by now, you started. Maybe you have been researching what the right groups are of you. This week we are going to talk about where to network, and how to [...]

Networking On Purpose

Many of you know as a business owner the first thing you need to do is to get out and network. To meet as many people as you can and to get your business cards in all your target markets hands. But did you know that most people who are out there networking are [...]


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