7 Tips for an Amazing Marketing Plan!

Marketing is that thing that everyone knows just enough about to undermine themselves in business. Now hear me out before you stop reading. Entrepreneurs often go the DIY route with marketing especially now that there are so many free or cheap tools to do marketing yourself. You can create your own ads, segment your own [...]

Getting Over Video Phobia!

Marketing can be all about trends. And for many of us, trends came be intimidating. They can make us uneasy or downright terrified. Understanding when trends are fads and when they represent a real change in the way things are done takes a good partner, a crystal ball or sometimes both. But the one thing [...]

Have you ever marketed…?

Throughout my career, I have been asked the question “Have you ever marketed (insert certain product or industry here)?” Sometimes my answer is yes and sometimes it is no. However, I always tell the following story. My first week as a college intern at the Tennessee aquarium I went to the weekly marketing department [...]

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The BIG Secret for Marketers!

Defining what you do can be very difficult for most of us. We find it incredibly hard to put into words what we offer. This is especially true of service providers. As services providers, we are so often selling ourselves. This may come as a shock to people. Some of the people that struggle [...]

My Story & Tips for Telling Yours

A current trend in business is to tell your personal story. In my post, What’s Your Personal Brand? we discussed creating your personal brand. But today we are going to dive a little deeper and talk about writing your personal story. But first here is my personal story: In August of 1989, I started at [...]

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2017 Top 10 Marketing Morsels

As we are all preparing for 2018 it is a good time to step back and look at all we have covered in 2017. Take another look at these and see which Marketing Morsels you want to incorporate into your 2018. 10. Everything is Marketing – In business, especially in small business, everything you [...]

Top Mindsets for Successful Planning

This week at AMI we are focused on planning 2018 and all the amazing things we are going to offer and accomplish. But while that was going on I thought I would provide you with my top Mindsets that I am keeping in focus while I plan to make 2018 my best year yet. [...]

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To Coach or Not To Coach

As a consultant, I have resisted for a long time calling myself a coach.  For some reason, it just seemed off to me.  I have always described myself as a marketer, not a coach.  It is what I went to school for and spent my career doing so why would I consider being a coach.  [...]

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