Amy Matthews Integrated has grown to also include digital services and learning experiences led by a dynamic team dedicated to shattering expectations!

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Amy joined eWomenNetwork later working her way up to Executive Managing Director of the Atlanta Chapter.

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AMI was formed as a marketing consulting firm.

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Amy left the corporate world and set out on her own to do contract work.

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Early 2000’s

Amy spent time working for a large bank and a national nonprofit developing a greater understanding of how that integrated approach can truly propel brands.

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After nearly a decade in marketing Amy completed her MBA where her passion for an integrated approach to business grew into what it is today.

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Early 1990’s

Amy worked with organizations both large and small where she developed the ability to see not only the larger vision but to understand the importance of the pieces that must fit together to make that vision happen.

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Amy started at the University of Tennessee believing that she would study business and law until a marketing course changed everything. Amy found a passion that would fuel the next 30 years!

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