Are ready to stop of throwing “stuff” at the wall when it comes to marketing? Then it is time to learn how to Market Like You Mean It! Here’s how to navigate your marketing puzzle in 3 simple steps.
“When everything you do in business begins and ends with your client, they become the true north for your business and if you allow them to guide your journey you will never drift off course.”
~ Amy Matthews


Who is your customer?
Why do they buy?
How do you talk to them?

“Starting each day knowing what needs to be done, when you should do it, how much it is going to cost, and who can help you get it done leads to success.”
~ Amy Matthews


What should you do?
When should you do it?
Who will get it done? How much will it cost?

“Execution gets a lot easier and more successful when you have a system for doing it and the clarity and safety that comes from having a plan.”
~ Amy Matthews


Create the emails, posts, etc
Schedule everything
Evaluate & Repeat

AMI Solutions

Amy Matthews

Founder & CEO

Amy Matthews has spent her entire career building marketing programs that provide organizations with consistent messaging both internally and externally. She believes that everything about what you do in business should begin and end with your client. They are the true north for your business and if you allow them to guide your journey you will never drift off course.

Done with you

This course is designed to walk you through the process while you complete the work. You don’t finish with a To Do List. You finish with a Done List!


You’ll be apart of an online community for support and to get answers from Amy. This private group can not only help hold you accountable but also get you on track when you have drifted.

Structured for You

Each lesson, which is designed to keep you moving through the process, is accompanied by a series of emails to keep you on track. You’ll know what to do next, how to do it, and get tips to make it easier.


Of course, it will!

My methods have been successful for companies of 1 up to companies of 100s.  Do you know why?  Because they are based on proven marketing theories that are not only taught in business school (where I first started) but utilized in major corporations (where I learned to apply it) around the world.

You may not have $1,000,000 months like some of my clients but you can have the business you’ve dreamed about.

Market Like You Mean It


Still not sure?

Have you tried lots of things so you are not sure what is the right fit for your business right now? No problem let’s spend 30 Marketing Minutes focused on your business. Here is a link to our calendar.