Friday’s Word – FOCUS!

So last year was the first time I heard about the book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, by Jon Gordon,‎ Jimmy Page, and‎ Dan Britton. It sounded interesting to me, but truth be told I never got around to reading it or choosing a word. This year I still haven’t read the book [...]

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Top Mindsets for Successful Planning

This week at AMI we are focused on planning 2018 and all the amazing things we are going to offer and accomplish. But while that was going on I thought I would provide you with my top Mindsets that I am keeping in focus while I plan to make 2018 my best year yet. [...]

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My Focus This Time of Year

Six years ago, today we arrived home from Korea with our daughter. This amazing little person was finally home! Many times, I wished that she had gotten to come home earlier but now I think she came at the perfect time. She is my perfect reminder to focus on what is important this time [...]

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Vision Boards – What, How and Why

So far you have worked on your positive proclamations, goal setting, and The POWER of gratitude. How is it going? Are you saying your positive proclamations daily? Did get your goals written down so that you can track them? Have you been bringing the POWER of gratitude into your life every day? Remember these [...]

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