Have you ever marketed…?

Throughout my career, I have been asked the question “Have you ever marketed (insert certain product or industry here)?” Sometimes my answer is yes and sometimes it is no. However, I always tell the following story. My first week as a college intern at the Tennessee aquarium I went to the weekly marketing department [...]

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Why Documentary in Your 2018 Marketing Strategy?

  SARAH SPICER Owner + Producer, Spicer Productions http://www.SpicerProductions.com Spicer Productions specializes in documentary style videos for marketing campaigns. We produce emotionally evoking content ranging from brand videos to documentaries, webinars, social media videos and commercials. Our end goal for our clients is to create video that drives traffic, grows your [...]

Putting your Message Map to Use

In my post Do you Have a Message Map? we discussed the importance for businesses to have a clear messaging strategy that has been mapped out. Now we are going talk about what happens after you have a Message Map. How do you use it and how can it transform the way you talk to [...]

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Do you Have a Message Map?

One of the most important elements in any marketing strategy is messaging. And yet, this is where many small businesses and entrepreneurs fall short, they don't create a strategy for what their messaging should be. Most of them believe they know what their product is and so assume that they can adequately talk about it [...]

Top 4 Things to Be Honest About in Business

As a service provider, how you handle things with your clients can often be one of the few things that set you apart. But one area that a lot of people out there providing services miss the fact that just plain being honest with their clients and potential clients will keep people coming back. Today [...]

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Top 5 Questions When Hiring Marketing Partner

In my post, Don’t Waste Money on a Marketing Partner Again! I discussed some of the things entrepreneurs and small business owners can do to protect themselves from spending money with “marketing experts” that don’t always deliver. Today I thought we would break it down even further with the top 5 questions you should ask [...]

Where Does Your Customer Fit in Your Business!

Your answer should be EVERYWHERE! Your customer should be woven into everything you do. Where in business we used to think about Product, Price, Place, and Promotion we now need to think of what we do in terms of the customer. We can look at this in terms of what they want. How they view [...]

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Don’t Waste Money on a Marketing Partner Again!

I have been in marketing for 25 years and although I’m sure I haven’t seen it all I do feel that I have seen a lot. However, it wasn’t until I started AMI that I discovered how many people tried to pass themselves off as “marketing experts”. See in the corporate world this doesn’t happen [...]

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Instead of Doing It Yourself

As an entrepreneur, you are used to doing everything yourself. You just dive in and start checking things off the list, right? But that isn’t always your best strategy. You can often cost yourself a lot more, of your time, then you would have spent, of your money, by going the DIY route to [...]

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