Rinse and Repeat.

In just about every post I have written I have stressed the need for repetition. And yet it is the one thing that most business owners drop the ball on. We often grow tired of a strategy, message, or approach long before it becomes effective. Here are some examples of areas that need consistency in [...]

The Power of Networking as a Woman!

Networking has been around a long time but boy has it changed since I started my career. Part of that is the kind of networking I was doing back then. You know where everyone is in a very conservative suit and all walking around with a drink in their hand trying to look impressive. And [...]

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7 Steps Follow Up System

Did you enjoy last week’s post on the Fortune is in the Follow Through? It took me a long time to realize that myself. Don’t worry if you haven’t achieved that yet. You will after this post. We are going to go over a simple yet effective 7-step strategy system that will help you [...]

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Fortune is in the Follow Through!

Have you ever heard the line the fortune is in the follow up? It has been used by many throughout business and especially sales by many different experts. Well, I like to say it is in the follow through. So many times, I attend events and never get a follow up email, call, or [...]

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Finding the Right Networking Group for You

So, in my post Networking On Purpose, we covered how to network properly and why you need to get out there and network. Hopefully, by now, you started. Maybe you have been researching what the right groups are of you. This week we are going to talk about where to network, and how to [...]

Networking On Purpose

Many of you know as a business owner the first thing you need to do is to get out and network. To meet as many people as you can and to get your business cards in all your target markets hands. But did you know that most people who are out there networking are [...]


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