Automate It, Don’t Procrastinate: The Power of Marketing Automation

Picture this: Janet, a talented jewelry designer, dreams of growing her online shop. But instead of crafting new pieces, she spends hours chasing social media trends, scrambling to send last-minute emails, and feeling that nagging guilt over her neglected marketing tasks. Does this sound familiar? If you're a busy small business owner, you know [...]

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The 3 Marketing Tasks That Will Move Your Business Forward (and What to Ditch)

Sarah, a talented floral designer, knew her arrangements were beautiful. But she felt constantly overwhelmed trying to keep up with every social media trend, squeeze in those local networking events, AND actually run her shop. All that marketing effort wasn't translating into the consistent sales growth she craved. Sound familiar? If you're a small [...]

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Mythbusting: Change Your Marketing Mindset

If you're a small business owner or solopreneur, chances are marketing often feels like your other full-time job. It's overwhelming, time-consuming, and you may feel like you're getting little to no results. This month we're digging into how to make marketing make sense for you while also saving you time. It all starts with [...]

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